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  • June 25, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

    The M7 casual resemblance

    Mutamayez translates into “something special”. And in fact this perfume is somewhat special.

    Although, due to its scent and place of birth, this fragrance can be considered as Oriental, we could be dealing with a fragrance made by a western designer as well.

    This fragrance has clearly 4 stages:
    - After a generous spritz from the very good sprayer you receive a blast of alcohol together with a strong mature semi sweet orange. It's a cloying orange for my taste, and the scent becomes even stranger with a coniferous touch that does not really combine with the stronger orange note.
    - The alcohol disapears in 20 seconds unveiling the two mentioned notes. You also notice the emerging spices and woody notes. Definitely my sinus does not like the mixture of orange with pine or cloves. And the cloves note becomes to strong, overpowering the nice cardamom as well the cashemere and cedar woody notes. Thankfully the clove note (and the cardamom) doesn't last long. The woody notes endure till the third phase.
    - With the arrival of the bottom notes, you still feal a skirmish with a strong vetiver trying to dominate the ambiance backed up by a bit animalic musk. It seems that the scent development doesn't have a clear plan to follow. The other newcomers - oud and amber - are more peaceful and wait for their very important scene domination.
    - After the initial alf an hour, truces are declared and the very nice well behaved oud and the sweet amber commence their drydown pleasant journey. In this phase, if you sprayed one hand with Mutamayez and the other with YSL M7, you only notice a small scent difference between the two of them. What a gorgeous scent it is and it lasts for more than 8 hours with 2 big sprays.

    My rates for Swiss Arabian Mutamayez:
    Scent Opening: 6.0 (my judgement)
    Scent Dry Down: 10.0 (my judgement)
    Longevity: 8.0 (8 hours+ with two sprays)
    Sillage: 8.0 (5~6 feet at its peak with 2 sprays)
    Uniqueness: 9.0 (preety unique to me but becomes similar to M7 during the drydown)
    Wearability: 9.0 (It leans more to day time during Winter, Spring and Fall, although I consider perfectly safe to use it also at night. Summer freshy nights are also adequate for this fragrance)
    Versatility: 8.0 (Safe fragrance for leisure and work situations. I consider it to be unisex)
    Quality: 8.0 (my judgement)
    Presentation: 6.0 (efective but I don't like the strong yellow bottle color)
    Price: 9.5 (100 ml non tester for 18 Euros + shipping)

    Overall rating: 8.15/10.00 ------------ up to 5 = avoid it;
    ------------------------------------------------- between 5 and 6 = under average;
    ------------------------------------------------- between 6 and 7 = average;
    ------------------------------------------------- between 7 and 8 =above average;
    ------------------------------------------------- between 8 and 9 = recomended;
    ------------------------------------------------- bigger than 9 = don't miss it;

    I recommend this fragrance. But as with any other oriental oud perfume, I also recomend that you try it before buying it.
    For the M7 enthusiasts: It's not a Xerox copy of it. But for the price you may well give it a try.