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    Dive into the essence of PLAYFUL OUD by ALRIYAD (Special Edition), a captivating fragrance that redefines luxury with its intricate blend of spicy and floral notes. Perfect for those who seek to stand out, PLAYFUL OUD presents a unique combination of pepper at the start, unfolding into the heart of rose, and settling into a base of rich agarwood, amber, and musk. This fragrance is ideal for unisex wear, suited for the diverse palette of spring, fall, winter, and cooler summer days.

    • Unique Spice and Floral Fusion: Begins with a top note of pepper, moving into a heart of rose, creating a memorable fragrance journey.
    • Rich and Warm Base: The warmth of agarwood, amber, and musk provides a lasting impression, perfect for cooler evenings and transitional seasons.
    • Versatile Unisex Fragrance: Suitable for both men and women, PLAYFUL OUD is a testament to modern sophistication and elegance.
    • Seasonal Flexibility: Crafted for year-round allure, ideal for spring, fall, winter, and cooler summer days.
    Olfactory Profile:
    • Top Notes: Pepper
    • Middle Notes: Rose
    • Base Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Amber, Musk

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