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  • Jadeer (30mL EDP) Inspired by Dior's JADORE

    Inspired by Dior's JADORE.

    JADEER Eau de Parfum is a great women's floral fragrance with a bouquet finely crafted down to the last detail, like a custom-made flower. It unites the essence of Ylang-Ylang with its floral-fruity notes essence of Damascus Rose and blends with a rare duo of Jasmine and Indian Sambac with fruity and voluptuous sensuality.

    JADEER is an extraordinary fragrance because it succeeds in being effortlessly seductive while boasting an original signature. Carnal, but not overbearing. This composition unites contrasts, transforming iconic floral notes into an appealing, unprecedented, and mysterious ensemble. JADEER invents a flower that does not exist.

    » JADEER Eau de Parfum unites the most beautiful flowers from all over the world:
    » Ylang-Ylang, with its fruity and exotic notes.
    » Damascus Rose from Turkey, sensitive and smooth.
    » Jasmine Grandiflorum, with Apricot and jam notes.
    » Indian Jasmine, with the warm facets of Orange Blossom.
    » Indian Tuberose, with its white, heady beauty.

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top Notes: Ylang-Ylang Essence
    • Middle Notes: Damask Rose
    • Base Notes: Ylang-Ylang

    Fragrance Category: Fruity, Floral

      Discovery Set:

      Samples of this fragrance along with nine (9) perfumes can be purchased as part of the ALRIYAD EDP Discovery Set (Women's 10 Vials)

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      LONGEVITY: Eau De Parfum (EDP) strength refers to pure fragrance oil concentrations of between 12 and 18% and like all EDPs will last about 6-11 hours or more. As with all fragrances, longevity and performance depend on many factors, such as weather, body chemistry and how well you or others perceive scents.