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  • Inara Oud for Women EDP - 55ML


    Inara Oud was inspired by the woman whose radiant beauty shines from within. When she reaches for Inara Oud, she knows that the golden glimmer of sensuality that surrounds her will reflect her luminous beauty.

    Inara Oud is a fruity vanilla fragrance that complements a summer’s day. Opening with herbal notes of Valerian, dashes of saffron give clues to the golden scent that is beginning to glow around you as you wear it. Into the heart of your fragrance blooms rich roses, accentuated with juicy nuances of peach and raspberry. The shining star is the precious drop of oud that harnesses the scent into a golden harmony, warmed with sensual vanilla.

    Inara Oud is a fragrance for women from Swiss Arabian.

    Enrobed in gold. Enrobed in Inara Oud.

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top Notes: Valerian, Saffron, Litchi
    • Middle Notes: Rose, Peach, Raspberry
    • Base Notes: Vanilla, Agarwood, Teak Wood

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